RENAULT Midliner S 150 Tank fuel truck

RENAULT Midliner S 150 Tank fuel truck
Photo: RENAULT Midliner S 150 Tank fuel truck
Net price
≈ $4,702
≈ £3,575
Type fuel truck
First registration 1988-06
Mileage 168700 mi
Load capacity 11680 lb
Gross weight 25350 lb
Net weight 13670 lb
Location Netherlands Susteren
Placed on Sep 08, 2018
Dealer stock ID 000048+
Overall dimensions 18.86 ft × 7.87 ft × 8.86 ft
Tool box
Power 131 HP (96 kW)
Fuel diesel
Volume 334.9 in³
Number of cylinders 4
Type manual
Gears 5
Axles 2
Axle configuration 4x2
Suspension spring/spring
Wheelbase 112.2 in
Brakes drum
Front axle
Tyre size 9.5 R19.5
Rear axle
Tyre size 9.5 R19.5
Brakes drum
Additional equipment
Condition used
Colour white
More details:
LeuchtfeuerAufbau: Tanklaster
Kabine: Midliner, Tag
Vorderachse: Refenmaß: 9.5R19.5; Max. Achslast: 4120 kg; Reifen Profil links außen: 50%; Reifen Profil rechts außen: 50%; Bremsen: Scheibenbremsen
Hinterachse: Refenmaß: 9.5R19.5; Doppelbereift; Max. Achslast: 7800 kg; Reifen Profil links innnerhalb: 90%; Reifen Profil links außen: 90%; Reifen Profil rechts innerhalb: 90%; Reifen Profil rechts außen: 90%; Bremsen: Trommelbremsen
Max. Zuglast: 7.500 kg
Marke des Aufbaus: Huwer P 45 S
Zahl der Kammern: 1
Pumpe: Ja
Hochdruckpumpe: Ja
BeaconBodywork: Fuel tanker
Cab: Midliner, day
Front axle: Tyre size: 9.5R19.5; Max. axle load: 4120 kg; Tyre profile left outer: 50%; Tyre profile right outer: 50%; Brakes: disc brakes
Rear axle: Tyre size: 9.5R19.5; Double wheels; Max. axle load: 7800 kg; Tyre profile left inner: 90%; Tyre profile left outer: 90%; Tyre profile right outer: 90%; Tyre profile right outer: 90%; Brakes: drum brakes
Max. towing weight: 7.500 kg
Make of bodywork: Huwer P 45 S
Number of compartments: 1
Pump: Yes
High-pressure pump: Yes
ZwaailampHP Pump
HP TankOpbouw: Brandstoftankwagen
Cabine: Midliner, dag
Vooras: Bandenmaat: 9.5R19.5; Max. aslast: 4120 kg; Bandenprofiel linksbuiten: 50%; Bandenprofiel rechtsbuiten: 50%; Remmen: schijfremmen
Achteras: Bandenmaat: 9.5R19.5; Dubbellucht; Max. aslast: 7800 kg; Bandenprofiel linksbinnen: 90%; Bandenprofiel linksbuiten: 90%; Bandenprofiel rechtsbinnen: 90%; Bandenprofiel rechtsbuiten: 90%; Remmen: trommelremmen
Max. trekgewicht: 7.500 kg
Merk opbouw: Huwer P 45 S
Aantal compartimenten: 1
Pomp: Ja
Hogedrukpomp: Ja
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