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Description trucks

Truck (freight vehicle) is a land vehicle with two, three, more rarely four or five axles, intended for transportation of different types of cargo depending on the vehicle configuration. The internal-combustion engine which the truck is equipped with might be diesel (the most common type nowadays), petrol, gas or hybrid, and it may be situated either directly under the driver's cab or in the bonnetted or semi-bonnetted position.

On our site, you can purchase used trucks both of basic type (equipped with a board platform) and various specialized and special trucks.

Specialized trucks are the name for the trucks equipped for transportation of a specific type of cargo, for example:

  • granulate, liquid or liquefied cargo (tank-trucks);

  • perishable cargo or the one demanding specific temperatures (refrigerators, isotermic trucks, trucks for ice-cream transportation);

  • bulk cargo for quick dispatch (equipped with a hydraulic mechanism of dump body lift);

  • containers (container trucks);

  • timber (lumber trucks) and so on.

Other types of specialized trucks include trading trucks and cars equipped for transportation and temporary accommodation of people (house-type truck bodies).

Special trucks are a combination of a vehicle chassis and a specific technological attachment: elevated work platforms, dumptrucks, concrete mixing machines, crane trucks, fire engines, tow trucks. A special subcategory within this category is made up by the trucks intended for transportation of animals (special trucks for transportation of horses, cattle, poultry), cars (car haulers) and cash-in-transit trucks.

Only the best sale offers for used trucks of the leading manufacturers: MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Scania, DAF, Volvo, and others.