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Description tractor units

Tractor unit is an overland cargo vehicle designed to tow trailers and/or semi-trailers, as well as various trailer-type and non-self-propelled equipment. Such vehicles may have different axle arrangement and the number of wheel axles (typically - from two to four).

Tractor unit is perhaps the most universal member of the trucks family because its design features allow using the same vehicle for transportation of almost all types of cargo - it is enough to concatenate it with the appropriate type of trailer or semi-trailer (for example, tank, cargo platform, trawl, flatbed or tilted trailer, timber transport, refrigerator, etc.). This versatility and high weight capacity of tractor units are what allowed them to take the leading position on the market of road freight transport worldwide.

These vehicles may have different weight capacity, which is limited not as much by the potential possibilities of tractor units manufacturers, as by regulations of a particular country. For instance, in most European countries the maximum mass of cargo road trains can not be more than 44 tons (in Sweden and Finland - 60 tons), while in Australia, road trains weighing up to 160 tons are used.

The most common type of tractor units in our time is the tractor unit equipped with a special fifth wheel and intended for transporting of various types of trailers on public roads.

Individual classes of tractor units include special tractor units and marine tractors.

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