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01/2001 €21,000.00≈ $23,696.00
≈ £15,355.00
The Netherlands, Almelo
01/2001 €21,000.00≈ $23,696.00
≈ £15,355.00
The Netherlands, Almelo
01/2001 €21,000.00≈ $23,696.00
≈ £15,355.00
The Netherlands, Almelo
2004 €3,900.00≈ $4,401.00
≈ £2,852.00
Czechia, Česká Lípa
2014 €13,816.00≈ $15,590.00
≈ £10,102.00
Russia, Moskva
suspension - spring/spring
1989 59300 lb negotiated
Poland, Tychy
suspension - air/air
2000 €2,479.00≈ $2,797.00
≈ £1,813.00
Poland, Kurozwęki
06/2009 59990 lb €9,351.00≈ $10,552.00
≈ £6,837.00
Germany, Altenberge
2001 €3,500.00≈ $3,949.00
≈ £2,559.00
Germany, Deggendorf
suspension - spring/air
new $13,000.00≈ €11,521.00
≈ £8,424.00
Turkey, İstanbul
2015 110200 lb $16,000.00≈ €14,179.00
≈ £10,368.00
Turkey, KONYA
01/1991 75520 lb €9,000.00≈ $10,156.00
≈ £6,581.00
The Netherlands, Zoetermeer
V=2069 ft³, suspension - air/air
2014 88180 lb €45,599.00≈ $51,454.00
≈ £33,342.00
Ukraine, Kiev
suspension - air/air
03/2015 negotiated
United Kingdom, Bawtry
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Description flatbed semi-trailers

The flatbed semi-trailer is a type of open-body semi-trailers, which constitutes a cargo platform with limiting side boards on all sides, one or more of which are usually folding or removable. Like most other semi-trailers, flatbed semi-trailers have two or three wheel axles in the rear part, and a support platform with a pivot designed to concatenate with the fifth wheel mechanism of the tractor and extensible jack pads in the front part.

Being one of the simplest types, the flatbed semi-trailer is adapted for transportation on public roads of various goods (both in a container and without it), which do not require special storage and transportation conditions. Folding and removable sides allow making the process of loading and unloading of the body much easier, and the open top provides the possibility to conduct loading operations with the use of cranes, excavators, etc.

Folding or removable construction of the boards also allows, just like in the case with the cargo platform, to transport long objects and over-sized cargo. For high-capacity goods with a low specific weight, a modification with the increased height of the boards are often used.

Because of their simplicity and relatively low cost, flatbed trailers are widely used in all sectors of industry, construction, and agriculture.

On our website, you can easily find the best deals for sale of used flatbed semi-trailers from the leading manufacturers - Krone, Trailor, Kempf, Schmitz, Pacton.

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