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suspension - air/air
2006 auctionnegotiated
USA, Davenport, FL
Canada, Nisku 2015-10-27
suspension - air/air
2002 auctionnegotiated
Canada, Nisku 2015-10-27
suspension - spring/spring
1991 auctionnegotiated
USA, Chehalis, 2015-10-16
suspension - air/air
2007 €10,700.00≈ $12,042.00
≈ £7,882.00
Germany, Hamburg
gross weight70550 lb
1976 59700 lb €5,500.00≈ $6,190.00
≈ £4,051.00
Belgium, Wingene
1998 €3,000.00≈ $3,376.00
≈ £2,210.00
Poland, Olsztyn
suspension - air/air
1994 auctionnegotiated
Canada, Chilliwack 2015-10-14
gross weight149900 lb
2015 132300 lb €35,000.00≈ $39,389.00
≈ £25,781.00
Ukraine, Kiev
2012 €6,522.00≈ $7,339.00
≈ £4,804.00
Poland, 62-700
gross weight94800 lb
08/1997 82230 lb €7,250.00≈ $8,159.00
≈ £5,340.00
The Netherlands, Vuren
suspension - air/air, gross weight39680 lb
10/1998 321900 lb €3,800.00≈ $4,277.00
≈ £2,799.00
Germany, Lübbecke
gross weight79370 lb
08/2001 70220 lb €4,950.00≈ $5,571.00
≈ £3,646.00
The Netherlands, Giessen
gross weight79370 lb
08/2001 70220 lb €4,950.00≈ $5,571.00
≈ £3,646.00
The Netherlands, Giessen
gross weight70550 lb
04/1973 60560 lb €2,950.00≈ $3,320.00
≈ £2,173.00
The Netherlands, Giessen
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Description chassis semi-trailers

The chassis semi-trailer is the basic type of the semi-trailer, on which various types of open and closed bodies are mounted.

In fact, it is the frame of cargo semi-trailer with chassis of several axles and a mechanism for attachment to the tractor unit. All frames can be grouped into two types according to their assembly principle - welded ones and those assembled with lock bolts. In the front part of the frame, there is a support platform with a pivot, which allows concatenation with the fifth wheel mechanism of the tractor unit, as well as extensible jack pads.

Typically, a chassis semi-trailer has two or three wheel axles, although in some cases the number of the axles can be as high as eight or more (this mostly concerns chassis semi-trailers designed for transportation of extra heavy loads). Additional equipment often includes a system that allows retracting one or more axles, which reduces tire wear at empty running.

The design of chassis semi-trailer creates the possibility to mount different types of cargo bodies on its frame: open (flatbed, tipper semi-trailers, cargo platforms), closed (vans, tilt semi-trailers, refrigerators), special ones (transport of poultry, grain, glass), and tanks.

In this section of our website, you will find only the best sale offers for used chassis semi-trailers from world's leading manufacturers: Schitz, Vanhool, Pacton, Groenewegen, Denisson.