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suspension - air/air, gross weight61730 lb
12/2000 43760 lb €21,950.00≈ $24,617.00
≈ £15,969.00
The Netherlands, Groot-Ammers
suspension - air/air, gross weight71870 lb
52250 lb negotiated
Italy, Frosinone
suspension - air/air, gross weight44620 lb
32060 lb negotiated
Italy, Frosinone
suspension - air/air, gross weight72750 lb
47180 lb negotiated
Italy, Frosinone
2015 negotiated
Ukraine, Kiev
body brand - Lohr 8/4, suspension - spring/air, gross weight61730 lb
2011 €10,687.00≈ $11,985.00
≈ £7,775.00
Russia, sosnovoborsk
body brand - Rolfo автовоз, suspension - spring/air, gross weight25350 lb
2011 €13,359.00≈ $14,982.00
≈ £9,719.00
Russia, sosnovoborsk
body brand - Rolfo BLIZZARD 1.0 , suspension - spring/air, gross weight61730 lb
2007 €6,679.00≈ $7,491.00
≈ £4,859.00
Russia, sosnovoborsk
gross weight39680 lb
04/2006 528200 mi €39,890.00≈ $44,737.00
≈ £29,021.00
Czechia, Highway D11
suspension - air/air, gross weight39680 lb
03/2006 22380 lb €39,890.00≈ $44,737.00
≈ £29,021.00
Czechia, Highway D11
gross weight44090 lb
02/1974 33750 lb €6,500.00≈ $7,290.00
≈ £4,729.00
Belgium, Hooglede-Gits
suspension - air/air, gross weight39680 lb
03/2006 22380 lb €39,890.00≈ $44,737.00
≈ £29,021.00
Czechia, Highway D11
2008 €17,633.00≈ $19,776.00
≈ £12,829.00
Russia, Lyubercy, Moskovskoy obl.
suspension - air/air, gross weight79370 lb
06/2009 53530 lb €47,400.00≈ $53,159.00
≈ £34,485.00
The Netherlands, Veghel
2010 €2,004.00≈ $2,247.00
≈ £1,458.00
Russia, Krasnoyarsk
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Description car transporter semi-trailers

Auto transporter semi-trailer is a type of special body of semi-trailers designed for transporting various wheeled and track vehicles: cars, trucks, tractor units, vans, tractors, road-construction and agricultural vehicles, etc.

In most cases, the basis of the auto transporter semi-trailer is the low-bed cargo platform, which usually has from two to four wheel axles and a mechanism for attachment to the tractor unit. Integral equipment of such semi-trailers includes counter-recoil and/or fixing devices, as well as sliding or folding ramps providing an opportunity to carry out loading and unloading without additional equipment. Some modifications (in particular, those used for evacuation of vehicles) may be also equipped with additional handling equipment (e.g. cranes). Two-tiered auto transporters are most often used to transport cars, and it is possible to lower the upper tier of such semi-trailers partially or completely.

The main tasks of auto transporter semi-trailers include:

  • transportation of cars, trucks and buses from the manufacturer to the customer or to the site of retail sale;

  • evacuation of trucks, tractors and buses, which are for whatever reasons incapable of moving on their own;

  • transportation of construction equipment not designed for movement on the public roads.

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