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Description buses

Bus is a type of a commercial vehicle designed for safe transportation of passengers and their luggage, which has at least eight seats, apart from the driver's one.

Buses have long become an integral part of the transportation system of any city - from a small district center to a mega-metropolis. But in addition to the city buses familiar to everyone, this class includes a considerable range of different vehicles.

For instance, buses can be classified by several primary complementary parameters, for example:

  • route - urban, suburban and intercity;

  • application - passenger, school, sightseeing, aerodrome;

  • construction and compound - bonnetted and cab-over-engine buses, single-decker, half-decker, and double-decker buses, single and articulated (with two or three sections), low-floor and high-floor buses, shuttles, etc.

Buses less than 5.5 meters long and having from 8 to 16 seats are called minibuses.

Nowadays, the most common buses are those equipped with diesel and gasoline internal combustion engines, although there are models with electric motors as well (using batteries, supercapacitors or alternative energy sources). A specific type of buses is a hybrid bus which can use both its own diesel engine and trolleybus overhead wiring.

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